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Fire Damage

What Happened

Tumble dryer fire in basement utility room caused extensive smoke damage throughout a five-story town house.



Response requirements

Decontaminate buildings and contents throughout while retaining as much of the contents as possible. Granting flexibility to other trades in order to reduce project time.


On initial inspection, a plan was formulated to ensure that all of the elements of the job were considered and an action put in place for them.

Specialists were contracted to come and removed soft furnishings and curtains to be removed from site and cleaned.

A clean room with negative air pressure was created to ensure that contents that could be cleaned on site were, and then these were packed and removed from site into long term storage.

Specific items of furniture that required specialist carpenters and restorers were removed from site and taken to trusted craftsmen to be restored to pre-incident condition.

Once all the contents had been removed from site, the building could begin to be decontaminated and all the surfaces, walls, floors and ceilings, hand cleaned.

Due to the age of the property there were several rooms that had ornate coving that required micro paintbrush cleaning to remove the soot deposits and allow for redecoration.

By using varying air pressures through the building, we could complete sections of the building and pass these on to other contractors who could begin works without the fear of cross contamination. This allowed for an overall reduction in project time

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