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Our Technology

Successfully drying a property not only requires in-depth theoretical knowledge, but is dependent on employing the right equipment.

We are constantly investing in the latest technology to ensure we are always ahead of the curve, and always prepared for the job.

Pressure Drying & Remote Monitoring

With the introduction of underfloor insulation, there is an increasing number of newly-built buildings, and renovated buildings that have inaccessible voids beneath the floor. By identifying the building construction early, we can employ best practice techniques to successfully dry these areas.

Forcing high pressured, low humidity air into the void removes moisture and saves the costs of removing the floor.

By using the latest equipment, we are able to connect remote monitoring technology which allows us to keep a constant eye on progress. Not only does this provide us with real time information which can be used to update relevant parties, it also allows us to reduce drying times as we can tailor our approach 24hrs a day.

Low RH Refrigerants & Target Drying

Reducing the moisture content of the air coming out of the machine allows for an increased amount to be collected outside of it. By directing this into a targeted area it allows for drying times to be reduced and money to be saved.

Latest Moisture Measurement Tools

In order to create the correct drying environment and remove moisture in the most efficient method possible, we must first identify the problem that we are faced with.

By arming our technicians with the most up to date equipment, they can accurately assess the extent of the damage and therefore establish the most efficient method of tackling the problem.

It is not all about the new…

Some of our tools have been tried and tested for years, and some of the oldest are still the best.

Salts analysis and Calcium Carbide testing are invaluable to establishing the cause and effect of moisture.

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