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Charity & Environmental Responsibility


Primes culture is based on open communication with PH and insurers and is what makes us stand out as a company.

We take responsibility of our employees and our impact on the environment our local and regional surrounding and our community very seriously.

Environmental Impact

At Prime we are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment and continuously improving our environmental performance. Our employees and suppliers are encouraged to act alike.

Where possible we manage our activities to minimise negative environmental impact, this is achieved by…

  • Ensuring all waste is disposed of in the appropriate manner and recycled where possible.
  • Full WEEE compliance
  • Reducing unnecessary use of energy or materials, such as business cards.
  • Ensuring all Team Members and Sub-Contractors are aware of and agree with our policy.
  • Recycling wherever possible and practical
  • Always looking for innovative and environmentally friendly materials and services for our business.
  • Working with Grundon Waste management for all our waste disposal and recycling needs.
  • Vehicle sharing where possible to reduce emissions.


We support local and national charities.

Having recently sponsored a local fire protection poster for the local community raising awareness of fires.

Our most recent charity sponsorship was an event called 10X10.

10X10 Philanthropy is a company on a mission to empower  the next generation of giving. They host crowd-funding events designed to support innovative, emerging charities to grow to their capacity and make an impact.

They create opportunities  for young people to connect and engage with charities and piers to accelerate change.

Prime believe charity begins at home, but should not end there. No matter what your situation there is always something that can be done to help elsewhere. If you aren’t able to physically help, then you can provide others the ability to help through funding.

Employees at Prime support various charities with numerous fundraising activities. Below are a couple of challenges that the Directors – Laurence & Ciaran – have embarked upon to raise money for a charity that is very close to home for them:


The Castle Triathlon Half Iron Man was the biggest challenge they had faced.

A gruelling 1.9M open water swim, 56M bike ride, topped off with a half marathon. Ciaran & Laurence raised over £5500 for the West Norfolk RDA.

Read more here


Ciaran & Laurence upgraded to the Spartan race in 2016 to yet again raise money for West Norfolk RDA


Laurence & Ciaran undertook a tough mudder supporting West Norfolk RDA and successfully raising £3,000.

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