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Leak Detection & Trace & Access


We have invested in State of Art equipment from Seba KMT as well as a significant amount of Training and Development for our already skilled technicians.

This move has been done to help speed up the claims process where often there is a longer lead time than is ideal waiting for third party contractors.

We now have the skills in house to provide you with a complete service from Leak Detection to Reinstatement Ready.


Benefits of using Prime Leak Detection:

  • Fully trained and knowledgeable Prime technician.
  • Same level of professionalism and communication that you have come to expect
  • 72 hour reporting
  • On site repair if possible
  • Drying recommendations and implementation to mitigate secondary damage fast-tracked
  • Full moisture profiling/mapping, if required
  • Emergency plumber contractor can be instructed, by Prime DR, if required.


  • Thermal Imaging
  • GAS Trace
  • Acoustic Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Dye Tracing
  • Flood testing

Our coverage remains the same across our areas of expertise however is outside of our normal areas then we will always try to accommodate.


Our Latest Damp Case Studies

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