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Managing Covid-19

Prime Disaster Response – Dealing with the virus


The current situation regarding the Corona Virus is a challenging one for all of us.  One of our biggest challenges as a business is to continue to function with extreme caution whilst following all the safety protocols, prioritising the safety of our staff and continuing to provide the high level of service that we are known for. As a business, we also have a reputation for efficiency, a mastery of our industry and effective communication. We have this reputation because we hold ourselves up to the highest of standards, both practically and morally and we wish to navigate these times in the same manner.

Operationally, we have been quick to respond to the ever-changing situation and have taken numerous steps over the last few weeks; for example:

  • At the beginning of March, all our team members who could work from home were set up to do so with everything they needed to continue to provide a seamless service
  • We implemented new technology protocols
  • Covid-19 cleaning rotas, zoning policies and processes were rolled out across the business.

Practically, we have had to amend our approach to claims by minimising visits and reducing the size of operational teams on any one site.  We have also ensured that all our technicians have received training on client communication whilst always maintaining safe distancing, and implementing all our new Covid-19 safety policies and procedures.

Our greater challenge has been  managing policy holder expectations, and providing reassurance to our clients as well as our team members.  Our goal, now more than ever, is to be a reassuring presence to policy holders and offer confidence to our clients. We are not just a company that can stop/identify a leak, decontaminate after a fire or dry after an escape of water.  We have always been, and aspire to be a group that can motivate, inspire and reach our clients in a more meaningful way. To that end, we have:

  • Offered all our policy holders a delivery of ‘essential items’ to be delivered at the time of our visit,
  • Our claims handlers have been instructed to contact elderly or vulnerable policy holders at least twice a week; and
  • We have teamed up with Ermioni’s Bake Shop* to offer a ‘Home Baked’ prep box to be delivered at the end of our projects.  These boxes, containing ingredients and instructions to bake simple but tasty treats such as banana bread and brownies are fantastic for ‘lock-downed’ families .

With claims across the industry dropping significantly, we are learning to be efficient with the sudden gift of time we have been given.  This has been an opportunity for audit, reassessment and improvement of processes and more than that, a challenge for us to maintain our business model and come out stronger than before whilst maintaining our company ethics and morals.

Smile, be kind to others, be precise and efficient, be someone you and others can be proud of.

As the current situation evolves, we will be developing as a business to respond to the challenge.


* Ermioni’s Bake Shop is a small, online owner managed business that provides our staff with delicious birthday cakes.  Below is a link to their delivery serviced ‘Home Baked’ section!


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