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How To Clean Smoke Damage on Walls and Ceilings

Smoke Damage on Walls
Smoke Damage on Walls

Cleaning smoke damage walls can feel like an endless task because it can be difficult to reach. It can become a huge problem if you add in the toxic chemicals and the risk they pose to the property.

When faced with smoke damage to walls and ceilings, you should not be too concerned about the odour or contamination to surfaces as this is relatively easy to remove. In order to help you avoid further damaging your property and health, Prime Disaster Response has broken down everything that you need to know about cleaning smoke contamination.

•Personal protective equipment (PPE) when decontaminating
•Specific cleaning products for smoke damage
•Steps taken to decontaminate your properties interior
•How Prime Disaster Response can help you

Personal protective equipment (PPE) when decontaminating

In addition to the damage to your property, smoke deposits present a risk to your health. Smoke may contain toxins which can lead to future respiratory issues, along with risk to your skin and eyes, due to the highly acidic nature of most smoke. The correct use of PPE, in the form of masks, overalls and gloves, provides the necessary protection.

If you want to stay safe while working in this environment, it is essential to wear the appropriate PPE.

In addition to wearing long trousers to cover your legs and long-sleeves for arms, correct use of PPE in the form of masks, overalls and gloves, provides the necessary protection.

Decontamination should not commence until these protective measures have been implemented.

Specific cleaning products for smoke damage

Cleaning materials specially designed to tackle the tough tough deposits are used to remove smoke contamination and odour from the property. Cleaning smoke damage walls is a physical process you need to carry out, below are available tools that aid you in the task:

•Absorbant cloths
•Dry sponges (made of vulcanised rubber)
•HEPA vacuum
•Alkaline detergent/degreaser

Common cleaning products that are used for smoke removal from walls and ceilings are focused on breaking down the acidic substance, while clearing away the smoke smell.

Steps taken to decontaminate your properties interior

If you want to clean smoke damage from heavily contaminated rooms, the first necessary step is to remove furniture and items from the affected areas for restoration off-site. In lightly affected rooms, contents can be cleaned in-situ, in conjunction with building surfaces.

Start decontamination by using a dry latex sponge and a vacuum to remove as much of the loose soot as possible. With light contamination this may be all that is required.

In more heavily contaminated rooms, wet cleaning methods are usually required to remove all surface contamination.

Deodorising may also be required to remove any lingering smoke odour. This will be undertaken in the form of one, or a combination of ozone treatment, wet fogging, thermal fogging, encapsulation and the use of a masking agent.

An air scrubber can be placed into the room throughout the cleaning process, to extract any airbourne soot particles. In this instance, air ducts and vents are sealed to prevent soot from spreading.

Decontamination starts at the source/worst affected areas, finishing with the lightest areas of contamination. Rooms are cleaned from highest to lowest (ceiling to floor) to prevent re-contamination of cleaned surfaces.

Soot staining and discolouration often remains after decontamination is complete, with redecoration required in such circumstances.

Removed furniture and contents are decontaminated off-site before returning to the finished room.

How Prime Disaster Response Can Help

Prime disaster response knows how important it is to return your property back to its original state after a fire. The first step in regaining a sense of normal is to remove any chance of a negative impact on your health or the state of the property.

A series of processes led by experts with decades of experience is what Prime offer. We have the professional equipment and knowledge required to decontaminate smoke damage from all surfaces, and we know how to spot the signs and remove the chance of future damage.

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