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The difference between Loss Assessors and Loss Adjusters

When you make a claim for a property from an insurance company, there needs to be a person that can judge how much you need to be compensated. What is the difference between loss assessors and loss adjusters?

A loss adjuster and a loss assessor each have different roles, so it might be helpful to look at them separately to understand what they do and what they can do for you.

Loss Assessors

If a claim is made to an insurance company, a Loss Assessor is a third party appointed by the policyholder. Any loss caused by a fire, storm, flood, escape of water, subsidence or theft can often be assisted in this way.

It’s up to the claimant to pay the fees for the Loss Assessor and to ensure that they have as much information as possible.

In return for signing up with a loss assessment service, the assessor will guide you through the entire process from what you can claim, to advising you on whether or not to accept an offer from a loss adjuster.

The main roles for a Loss Assessor are as follows:

  • The preparation of the claim includes gathering together the evidence and presenting it to the insurance company on behalf of the claimant.
  • If instructed, they will meet up with the insurance company and negotiate a settlement for the person.
  • If there are any unforeseen issues that arise as a result of the claim, they will be the first point of contact.

Looking for someone with excellent negotiating skills, a keen eye for detail and experience dealing with insurance companies is important when hiring a Loss Assessor.

Loss Adjustors

An independent specialist called a Loss Adjustor would be appointed by the insurance company. In order for the insurance company to know that they are paying the correct amount, they will be asking them to investigate any claim that seems complex.

In a similar way as a Loss Assessor, a loss adjuster will likely be used to investigate fires, flood, and other types of damage. It’s up to the insurance company to pay any fees that are required, even though their job is to make sure the right amount is being claimed.

The main roles for a Loss Adjuster are as follows:

  • They need to verify the claim so that they can double-check that they are covered by their insurance policy.
  • Advice and guidance will be offered, they will evaluate what needs to be and what can be repaired. They will be able to provide estimates for the cost and even work with contractors to make sure the work is done.
  • They will provide a full, detailed report and recommend how the claim should be resolved.

When it comes to settling claims, a loss adjustor will be experienced and qualified, and will work with the insurer to ensure that the matter is settled amicably.

Do I need to hire a Loss Assessor?

This is a personal choice by a policy holder.  It will largely depend on the value of the claim and the complexity of the case, which is why not every claim will require a Loss Assessor. If there is a large amount of damage to a property, it may be necessary for a Loss Assessor to be hired to handle the administration a large claim can cause.

If you don’t know if you need a Loss Assessor, it’s a good idea to proceed without one, and if you run into issues, it might be a good idea to ask the insurer.

How can Prime Disaster Response help?

It is quite likely that one of our services will be able to help you if you make a claim to the insurance company. Whether you have experienced a flood, a fire, vandals, or any other kind of property damage, we are the experts in damage restoration.

Our services include:

  • Leak detection & Trance and Access
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Water damage restoration
  • Complex sub floor drying solutions
  • Target and isolated drying solutions
  • Large commercial drying solutions
  • Fine contents restoration including fine art and antiques
  • Removals and storage
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